BuildingLPC1768 with gcc

Couple of days ago I bought Mbed LPC1768 board and started playing with IDE, everything works fine. I manage to built couple of programs using RTOS they provide. I exported project to LPCXpresso IDE and everything is good so far.

After playing with it for a while I decided to put whole project together from scratch – write my own (based on examples) linker script, start-up code and so on. Later on use LPCOpen library and hopefully integrate it into FreeRTOS or similar project. All this will help me to better understand how whole thing works, improve my skills on using command line utilities and tools.

I will try to do everything step by step and post my results here for my own reference, if someone else is finding this useful then got ahead and use it (on your on risk).

All code is available on Github.






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